Trading The Easy Way.

Trading the Easy Way is a trading training course by a gentleman called Ian Williams and does exactly what you would expect from the title. It teaches you how to trade the financial markets in an easy to understand and execute way.

Firstly there is the physical element, which is a very thick manual broken down into six lessons.

Lesson 1. Introduction To Trading The Easy Way.

This lesson covers most of the basics beginning with what to expect to learn from the course. Other points covered are:

What a trade actually is.

Why so many traders fail and why you won’t need to be like them if you follow the training., how to create an action plan, whether you want your trading to be easy or difficult and how to overcome any preconceptions you may have about what financial trading actually is.

This is a vital lesson and delivers the basic knowledge which will determine whether financial trading is really for you. You will have a much greater understanding of the whole process and, more importantly, if your personality and habits will fit well with a trading philosophy.

Lesson 2. Emotions, Value and Price.

Lesson 2 begins by talking about the emotions involved in trading and how they can affect the entire process in a negative way. It also talks about why you should not be looking for value, something we tend to do in all other areas of life. It describes the concept of price and introduces you to trading charts and how to create one yourself.

This lesson builds nicely on lesson 1 by taking you step by step through the process building your understanding and knowledge along the way.


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Lesson 3. Understanding Market Psychology.

Here the course develops further your understanding of chart building, introduces why prices move and how the market can be manipulated but not by anything illegal 🙂

You will learn why standing back and observing what is happening will serve you well and prevent you from getting too involved and miss important pointers in the market.

This lesson also introduces another trading tool called a Moving Average.

Lesson 4. How To Use Trading Tools.

As you would expect, this lesson covers more of the many trading tools at your disposal and how to use the ones which work and avoid those which don’t, at least not if you are intending to trade the easy way.

You will learn how to interpret what the charts and price action is telling you and you will get involved in more detailed chart analysis.

Please don’t be put off by any of this. The whole drive of this training course is to make things as simple as possible and the step by step approach Ian uses will hold your hand the whole way in a very easy to understand manner.

Lesson 5. Starting To Trade.

Here is where it gets exciting and you begin to see how all of the previous steps have built to the point where you are ready to actually trade.

You will learn the mechanics of placing a trade, the most important lesson of how to create your risk/reward ratio and money management system to ensure that your trading career is a long and fruitful one.

You will also learn how to manage a trade once you are live.

This is the most important lesson after learning the basics as this is where you will better understand how to trade sensibly by safeguarding your trading bank at all times.

Lesson 6. Finding And Ordering Trades.

The final lesson in the course covers all aspects of actually using your trading tools to understand what the market is showing you, the advantages and disadvantages of Moving Averages.

You will learn how to actually identify a trade, how to react when the market goes against you and prevent it happening to you as much as possible.

Ian will teach you a technique he calls letting the market come to you, how to actually order the trade, the importance of keeping records of your trading activity.

This lesson also teaches you the importance of stop losses and how to take advantage of windfall profits correctly.

The entire course concludes with Ian’s Five Trading Secrets revealed.

What Else Do You Get For Your Money?

Ian also produces twice weekly videos analysing what he has seen in the market over that period of time. These are particularly useful as Ian will explain what the market is showing him and how he interprets what he sees. This will rapidly enhance your learning of trading and prove to be of great assistance in helping you to improve more quickly.

You will also receive a Members only weekly newsletter WICS ( What Ian Can See ) which is packed full of information about the previous weeks trading activity and other less serious observations from Ian.

Probably one of the most important aspects of this entire trading course is the access to Ian himself via his email mentoring service which is direct to him and unlimited while you are still a member. Priceless in my humble opinion.

How Much Will This Lot Set Me Back Please?

The total cost involved for all of this expert training, support and knowledge is currently either £19 via Standing Order or £20 via Paypal per month.

This really is excellent value for money given that it gives you the possibility of learning a whole new career for yourself and a profitable one at that if you follow the training and put it into action properly.

Pros and Cons.


Simple to follow step by step process.

Beginner friendly.

Access to the creator Ian Williams through his email mentoring service.

Chance to see what Ian is working on with his twice weekly video analysis.

Weekly Members only newsletter WICS packed with trading info and Ian’s own take on what he has seen during the week.

Low initial financial outlay due to monthly payments which you control.


To enter into this properly you will need at least $500, preferably $1000 as a trading bank.

Although Ian will provide all of the training and follow up support you will need it will still be down to you to actually do the trading. This is a little scary for some people.

If all of this sounds of interest to you can find much more information here

Please tell Ian I sent you 🙂