Hi, my name is Gordon and I am fascinated by numbers.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed working with numbers and the way that the world revolves around them. Back when  I was at school here in England I didn’t really enjoy the mathematics we were taught, I never could see the point of learning lots of seemingly complicated equations that I could never see myself using in my adult life.

One thing I did always enjoy though was working with basic maths, working out scoring averages in sporting contests, mental arithmetic, compiling tables of results and other general day to day sums that challenged my mind.

I spent many years trying to master the calculations for the Fixed Odds Football betting here in the UK. My success rate was never the best but the challenge of working out statistics and probability of certain scores or teams performance kept me occupied for a long time.

Many times in my working career has my skill in using these type of calculations come in handy. From predicting when inventory would run out in my various roles in stores to producing future and monthly sales forecast and targets as a Production Manager later in life.

Finally all of this led me to become more and more interested in the Financial Markets and Forex in particular. I took a few courses, read plenty of books and guides and eventually got around to trading the Forex market for real.

That was a few years ago now and I like to think that I have learned a lot and now is the time to pass on that knowledge, both the good and bad bits to a wider audience.

Hence my new website www.starttradingforex.org

Here I hope to instruct and entertain people who have no concept of trading the Forex market as well as those who have a little knowledge or interest and wish to delve deeper before taking the plunge.

There are many aspects of this wonderful subject that I will be covering as the website evolves but one thing I definitely will not be doing is providing forecasts or trading opinions on any particular market or setup. That is for you to discover using all of the tips and techniques I will be sharing with you and adding your own thoughts and opinions. We all have different risk profiles and I do not intend to presume anything.

I hope you find this website of use in your search to widen your knowledge of the subject, if you ever have any questions about anything on here, please drop me a line at gordon@starttradingforex.org and I will do my very best to answer your query.

All the best in trading,